A Daily Personal Prayer Journal

(The Daily Personal Prayer Journal is a gathering of quotations from various sources, each of which might lead you to a quiet moment of prayer, of a sharing of love between you and God. Choose one and then use it as a springboard into prayer.)

April 17, 2024

Daily Thought from the Saints

"It is not lengthy prayers, but generous deeds that touch God's heart."

— St. Arnold Janssen

Daily Scripture Verse

"Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee. Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock."

Isaiah 26:3-4

Daily Meditation

"Dearly beloved Mother, grant, if it is possible, that I may have no other spirit but yours to know Jesus and his divine will; that I may have no other soul but yours to praise and glorify the Lord; that I may have no other heart but yours to love God with a love as pure and passionate as yours. I do not ask you for visions, revelations, feelings of devotion, or spiritual pleasures. It is your privilege to see God clearly; it's your privilege to enjoy heavenly bliss; it's your privilege to triumph gloriously in heaven at the right hand of your Son and to hold absolute sway over angels, men, and demons; it is your privilege to dispose of all the gifts of God, just as you wish . . . The only grace I beg you to obtain for me is that every day and every moment of my life I may say: Amen, so be it, to all that you did while on earth; amen, so be it, to all that you are now doing in heaven; amen, so be it, to all that you are doing in my soul, so that you alone may fully glorify Jesus in me for time and eternity."

— St. Louis de Montfort

Daily Catholic Wisdom

I’ll let you in on something I just recently learned: set aside a few minutes each day to just be silent, and you will find that you instantly become a more peaceful person. Imagine Jesus saying to you (as He said to His disciples), ‘Come with me by yourself to a quiet place’ (cf. Mk 6:31).

—J. Augustine Wetta
from his book, “Humility Rules: Saint Benedict’s 12-Step Guide to Self-Esteem”

A Prayer from Notre Dame University

Rev. Thomas O'Hara, C.S.C.

Dear Lord, how blessed are we to know that with you, we have life eternal. There is no end with you. Even when we are faced with seemingly dark days, there is no need for panic or despair, for nothing that happens today or any day can overcome us. Even death itself is not an end, for with you there is always a new beginning, a new life. We are comforted by your promise. Blessed are you our God! Amen.

The Abbot’s Daily Lectio Divina
Abbot Austin Murphy, O.S.B., St. Procopius Abbey, Lisle, IL

Acts 8:5-8


Philip went down to the city of Samaria and proclaimed the Christ to them. With one accord, the crowds paid attention to what was said by Philip when they heard it and saw the signs he was doing. For unclean spirits, crying out in a loud voice, came out of many possessed people, and many paralyzed or crippled people were cured. There was great joy in that city.


God works extraordinary things (e.g., mass conversions and miraculous signs) through Philip to help people believe. God knows when to do extraordinary things to promote faith in the gospel, but He prefers to work in hidden ways. When our faith depends on extraordinary events, it remains superficial and weak. But without these, our faith must grow deeper and stronger, like a plant sending its roots deeper in search of water.


Guide me, Lord, in Your ways which are wiser than my own ways. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.



("Thoughts from the Saints," Scripture Verse of the Day," and "Daily Meditation" are all taken from "Your Morning Offering" by The Catholic Company. "Daily Catholic Wisdom" is taken from CatholicWisdom.org.  from  The prayer comes from The University of Notre Dame's daily Gospel commentary. "The Abbot's Daily Lectio Divina" is written by Abbot Austin Murphy of St. Procopius Abbey in Lisle, IL.)

Father Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M.

A Franciscan Friar and Roman Catholic priest ordained in 1975, Fr. Lawrence has experience as a high school teacher (1970-1974, 1975-1979, 1986-1992), an itinerant preacher (1996-1999), an editor, and administrator. He has served as Executive Secretary (Secretary of the Province) for the Franciscans of the Sacred Heart Province, headquartered in St. Louis, MO (1979-1984), Associate Novice Master (1984-1986), Post-Novitiate Formation (1986-1987), President of the Board of Directors of Mayslake Village, Oak Brook, Illinois (1987-1989), Associate Business Manager of St. Peter's Church, Chicago, IL (1992-1996) and Master of Postulants (1999-2004). From 2007 to 2021, he served as administrator of CUSA - an apostolate of persons with chronic illness and/or disability. 

Fr. Lawrence also has extensive experience as an editor and proof reader. After 20+ years of teaching English in a high school classroom, he has turned his language skills in the direction of publishing and editing. 

Fr. Lawrence also has more than forty years experience of teaching English as a second language to natives of Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Austria, Vietnam, and Italy.

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